Would the regular careers of paranormal investigators influence your choice?

If you needed help, or, if you were watching a paranormal t.v. show, would your attention be drawn to the investigative personnel more if…

They were:

(A) College Students?
(B) Plumbers?
(C) Police Officers?
(D) All Walks of Life?
(E) It Doesnt Matter?

Why did you make this decision?

7 Responses to “Would the regular careers of paranormal investigators influence your choice?”

  • eri:

    F) Scientists. I would watch a show where people who know what they’re talking about are looking for ghosts. As it is, I can’t bear to watch the crap on TV today because of their (a) complete lack of scientific training and (b) their ignorance of that fact as they try to appear scientific.

  • Tukmyhamster:

    Either college students if they were studying some sort of respectable science subject or police who are trained to do forensic investigation.

    Is there any reason you didn’t have scientists on the list? Is it because if these ‘hauntings’ were investigated properly then at the end of the day the researcher would be reporting that there was nothing paranormal to be found?

  • GOODD:

    Because plumbing can cause so many bumps, bangs and other assorted noises I’d go for that.

    I wouldn’t want college students. lol.

  • CR♥:

    I would be a paranormal investigator, really it is fun but you have to be into it. E it doesn’t matter, I like TAPS the best because all of those British people investigating 400 year old castles get scared at the drop of a pin! You never see anything because the camera guy is right with them when they are running out and all you here is the sound that comes up for explicit language.

  • Bronx Payne:

    LOL! Police officer? Actually, that would be pretty cool. It would be like a combination of Ghost Hunters and Cops.

    My real answer, though, would be a scientist. More specifically, a group of scientists from a variety of different sciences; such as biology, geology, anthropology, theology, chemistry, astronomy, etc. People would believe paranormal activity with real scientists more than they would with plumbers (as is shown in Ghost Hunters).

  • hunting4haunts:

    It does not really matter. My team is made up of a carpenter, electrician, plumber, a science teacher, photographer and me a former history teacher. All of these people are great at troubleshooting to find problems.
    In my opinion the different backgrounds add stability and a rounded amount of expertise. No guess work.
    Not all walks of life because you have to include psychotic and the criminal aspect to that category.

  • A A:

    C – Police officers. I think that the police officers would be looking for the actual facts and would not let opinions or feelings to get in the way. They know how to gather evidence in the correct fashion and also know how to perform surveillance. As long as they don’t speculate then the data captured would let the people themselves decide. One last thought…they have to testify in court all the time as to nothing but facts and the relevant and pertinent details of the case at hand. I think that in this scenario, the same processes would apply.

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