Why is there not an increase in alien pictures and the paranormal with modern technology?

With the increase of awesome technology and video and audio and pictures becoming so portable, why haven’t the cases of alien exposure been documented more?

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  • Mr. P:

    With the price of good digital audio equipment being more affordable now, there are a lot of EVP’s being recorded – a lot more than 10 years ago.
    Also thermal imaging equipment is being used and also providing data that would not have been possible 10 years ago.

    I do have a theory that spirit energy is not just one frequency – but spread out in the EM spectrum. This is why we can see bits in each spectrum we look (a bit of audio – a bit of IR, a bit of visible etc), so the wider the recording spectrum, the more we will see.
    This has been proven to be correct by using “wide spectrum cameras” – and illuminating both IR and UV – we are getting more results.

    I don’t know about UFO investigations – but a lot of night vision equipment is being used by enthusiasts.

  • ignoramus:

    Well, point me out an alien, and I will photograph him / her / it for you .

  • wushuboy001:

    Maybe the alien technology is improving too.

  • Mobius:

    UFO photos and reports are up 600% for the year. I am not sure UFO equals always alien space ship. But whatever is being photographed because are so many cameras out is way – way up.

  • Vito1964:

    Duh, because they have cloaking devices.

  • Tedward:

    The irony is with camera’s getting better, it is harder to fake. That is the camera produces images that are a lot better, hoaxes are easily spotted so people are less likely to try it on.

    You would think that by now the definitive images have been taken. Where are they then?

  • Christopher:

    It’s because in the past, with the less advanced equipment more things could be looked at differently. So the reason it is “unidentified” is due to the fact that you can’t exactly make out what is on the image/video. Newer equipment is much more clear and can be debunked a lot easier. I’m not saying that aliens are not real, but if they have the technology to come to our planet I’m sure that they have the technology to not be seen, at all. If they wanted us to see we would. Think about it, why would an alien race want to reveal themselves to us when our [government’s] first response is not going to be welcoming?

  • Quadrillian:

    Because aliens and the “paranormal” are an artifact of human psychosis. People are desperately lonely. They crave for attention and in their desperation try to find company in pretend people. They find these pretend people in the sky or in a form that other people cannot see. That makes their pretend friends more intimate because they are the only ones who can see them.

    Because these things exist only in the mind, it is obvious that no technology will increase their occurence. You do not need a video camera, or cell phone camera to have a pretend friend.


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