why do scary spooky sounds always happen at 3am?

it seems like scary spooky noises and feelings happen between 2am-430am. does anyone know why?

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  • arksisvondraken:

    it could be residual energy generated from something that occurred at that time.
    residual energy just keeps replaying whatever it was that made it at the exact time it happened forever.

  • Gadzooks:

    Because you set your alarm clock to 3 Am and tuned it to classical. no jk
    usually because your brain is tired and you cant really figure things out and if you are still up, you are just running on what little energy you have so things don’t always make sense.

  • Debra:

    Because someone left the tape deck on

  • Ren D:

    well in the biblical terms in 3:00 to 4:00 is when jesus died in the cross so as it turns out thats when the negativity of evil began to grow & spread so basically evil paranormal occurrences happen at that time in the morning

  • Raith:

    Those early times in the morning are when psychic energy is at it’s peak. Psychic phenomena is more likely to occur during those times because there’s more energy.

  • inked9876:

    it’s the peak of time that paranormal phenomena its at it’s highest because Jesus Died at 3:00 AM and thats when the negative energy was spread because the Devil realized that he lost his Battle.

    I hate that when i wake up to the restroom its exactly 3:00 AM.

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