Who is the best horror movie villain?

Of the horror films which villain gets title of the the true bad-ass! I vote for Jason myself!

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  • susannna_kaysen_420:

    Freddy Kruger. He’s more creative LOL!

  • Frank Exchange of Views:

    I’m gonna go real old school with Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

  • Melinda W:

    Michel Meyers is my favorite.

  • Lisa H:

    Tim Curry. IT.
    The ending sucked, but, he played the character perfectly.

  • Vikey:

    jigsaw from saw…. ^^

  • rachelynnBAincomm09:

    i agree with vickey.
    jigsaw. by far.

  • Xtina:

    I always thought that Freddy Kruger would have a great personality if he were real. I’m not scared by him at all. Besides being a perv he’s really funny and seems like a social guy, minus his deformed face. Haha ok so true bad ass..Deacon Frost from Blade. Dont know if it counts as a horror movie but he’s the most awesome. All the michael, jasons and crap are just screwed up little mama’s boys.

  • The Film Critic:

    Well i think Freddy is the greatest movie villian or John kramer aka Jigsaw from the saw franchise
    even though i like Jason Voohees and Michael myers and leatherface
    i think there the serial killers with no personality
    and for example Freddy Krueger talks and stuff and he has his own clever humor when he kills people and he kills people in a more creative way and Jigsaw is a intelligent killer who has actually has not killed anybody in his life and the guy has great monologue in the movies and its very interesting how he creates the traps and stuff
    But thats is just my opinion

  • Dr. Thompson - IS:

    No Competition… The one who eats competition… Hannibal Lector!

  • Gothic E:

    Kevin from Sin City, played by Elijah Wood.
    I think what makes a good villain is the one that could be real.

  • svafree:

    Just off the top of my head.

    1. Leather Face
    2. Michael Myers
    3. Jack – The Shining
    4. The Evil – The Evil Dead
    5. HAL – 2001: A Space Odyssey
    6. The Children – Who Can Kill A Child

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  • Chris:

    That would be the bastard son of 1000 manics. Freddy Krueger to you and me.

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