Which simpsons treehouse of horror is the best?

I am looking for your opinion. if you like all of them list them in number order. make sure to say which treehouse of horror number it is. thanks
also which treehouse of horror includes the clips with Mr. Burns hunting homer and the other people who work at the power plant?

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  • Navigator:

    My three favorites:

    THOH 5 (includes the Shining parody)
    THOH 12 (includes the Harry Potter parody)
    THOH 13 (includes the “Homer clones” segment)

  • Zombie:

    Treehouse of Horror II (Bart’s/Lisa’s/Homer’s Nightmare)

    Treehouse of Horror IV (Devil and Homer Simpson/Terror at 5 1/2 Feet, Dracula)

    Treehouse of Horror V (The Shinning/Time Travel one/Nightmare Cafeteria)

    Treehouse of Horror III (Clown Without Pity, King Homer, Zombie one)

    I loved the earlier ones, but each Treehouse of Horror is always one of my favorites of each season.

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