When you were little did your Mom make your Halloween costume or did it come from the store?

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  • the reaper:

    necer celebrayed it

  • CLYDE55:

    Home made and was usually a `Pirate’s’ costume.

  • blu:

    I wore a t shirt that said holloween costume. Then I could check the the option on the shirt that I wanted to be.

  • marcia f:

    Mom and Dad would always help me make a costume. We had a lot of fun making them. I did the same thing with my kids.

  • Charles B:

    Always home made with my mother’s help.

  • Tori:

    My mom made all of my costumes and I also made all of the costumes for my kids.

  • That Nurse:

    My mother made everything I wore and then some. She made men’s suits and bathing suits. I had some of the most original Halloween costumes in the neighborhood. We always had contests and I can remember winning a lot of prizes. I guess that’s why I still love Halloween.

  • Paul:

    Our family never did practice pagan traditions.

  • Shortstuff13:

    I never had a store bought Halloween costume while I was growing up. I usually dressed up as a ghost using a bed sheet or I dressed up as a hobo, which wasn’t that hard to do either, thanks to my dad. He let me dress up in one of his old shirts, old jacket, etc. Oh, the memories of those yesteryear. Our parents didn’t have to inspect our treats before we ate them, like parents do today.

  • ♥Dee W.:

    Mine always came from a store, I remember the boxes with the cellophane framed lids that you could see the mask & costume through. They were horribly cheap & made to wear OVER your regular clothing. They tied in the back like a hospital gown & the glitter came off like crazy. I think they were $1.00 or $2 in the 1950’s. We had to cut our own nostril holes if we wanted to breath. Gosh, what a wonderful memory that was. I don’t think I’ve thought about it in 40 or 50 years! Thanks.

  • mr grean jeans:

    I think both I cant remember when I was real little but when I was 7 she went fo work so she didn’t have to much time to make them my favorite one was casper.

  • ckngbbbls:

    we got a mask, period.
    no costume at all.
    I am from North Dakota originally and 9 time out of 10 it is colder than a well diggers butt on Halloween and we just bundled up and wore a mask only.

  • Big Bad Mama:

    It depended on what wanted to be, but unless I saw something that really tripped my trigger, I would have a sheet as a ghost. With seven in the family there was always an old sheet somewhere~

  • Suzianne:

    At our house, half the fun of Halloween was the anticipation of trick or treating and helping my mother make costumes. She was very creative about making great looking costumes that could be worn over warm clothes.

    She still thinks store bought costumes are in violation of some unwritten rule of motherhood.

  • Kembek:

    My mom made my costumes. They were really wonderful.

  • Ken H:

    We always made our own because did not have them in the stores like today. Maybe a false mustache or something at a five & dime store, but that was it. In fact don’t remember mom buying candy either. She spent the day making the treats. Living in San Francisco had a ton of them because everyone had 6 kids. The best costume was always a hobo and our bag was always full coming home. Never worried about weirdos roaming, but am sure they were there and knew what to do. Nice memories.

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