Whats a good, hilarious game to play at a halloween party for teens?

My friends & i are throwing a surprise birthday party for my frend Autumn, her favorite holiday is halloween & it just so happenes that her birthday party is a couple days before halloween. Now, we have everything planned, except what were gonna do.,,, (game wise.) All the people at the party are gonna be from the ages 12-15 & our friends tend to get bored easily, so whats a hilarious game that doesnt easily get boring?

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  • Kate:

    Truth or dare is always fun, keep it clean and it can be fun.

  • Tiana:

    spin the bottle hollaween style

  • Brad:

    musical chairs…………………………….. or extreme musical chairs.

  • Bride of Squidward:


  • Robiηstar of RaiηClaη♥:

    The Halloween Guessing Game
    Write the names of movie characters or types of ghouls/monsters on (atleast 34) small cards and put them in a box.
    Have someone take out a card and act out what is on the card.
    Everyone else must guess what or who it is.
    (For the cards, write stuff like- Edward Cullen, cat, Trick-or-Treater, Elvis, witch, James from Twilight, etc.)
    Worked great at a teen party, it actually entertained my picky friends! :D

    Spin the Bottle- Halloween Style
    Spin the bottle. Whoever it points to must go into the creepy dark closet or eat something awful.
    (Make the closet really creepy! Completely dark, cold, some water dripping from the ceiling, someone dressed up ready to grab them, and a locked door. My friend was in tears!)

    Halloween Candy Hunt
    Give each player a flashlight and a ziplock bag. Turn off all house lights and outside post lights in your yard.
    Hide 10 or more pieces of candy in your yard. Whoever finds THE Jolly Rancher/Tootsie/Hersheys bar wins.
    BUT, you must be careful, because someone dressed in black is stalking them. If you are touched by the ‘Deathdealer’, you are out of the game.

    Almost the same as Halloween Candy Hunt, only there is ONE piece of candy in the entire yard, and you have to find it first without being squirted by a water gun. If you’re squirted, you’re out of the game.

    Tell a Tale
    Turn off ALL lights so it’s pitch black in your house. Have everyone gather on the floor, in a circle. The leader will tell a scary story in the complete darkness. Have someone silently shove and drip water on the listeners to scare them.

    Happy early Halloween!
    Robinstar <3

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