What’s a genuinely scary, quality horror book?

I’m relatively new to the horror genre, but I recently finished IT by Stephen King. I enjoyed it greatly, but despite my appreciation for the fear and the characters in the novel, it didn’t keep me up nights. I found it a fun, dark read, but not one that made me keep the lights on. I’m looking for a book that is equal or better quality horror, and will genuinely scare me. Any suggestions?

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  • Ryker S:

    try Salem’s Lot by Stephen King (not quite as scary but it’s REALLY good)

    then there’s The Taking by Dean Koontz…scariest book i’ve ever read.

  • chorle:

    Scott Sigler’s Infected

  • Superbeast:

    You should try other mediums.

    Video Games are good for this, especially First Person, because it is you who has to move forward, and fight.

    Great games that will get you worked up (Remember to use full screen on the videos for best effect):

    Condemned: Criminal Origins

    Condemned 2: Bloodshot

    Condemned games are basically First Person, where you sometimes get a gun, but most of the time you will be using a pipe you rip off a wall or a board or an axe, etc etc. You will be doing crime scene investigation (such as with the camera and other tools) as well. The second one is even better, because it goes further in depth. Great Games

    F.E.A.R 2

    The FEAR games are also made by Monolith, the creators of Condemned. The main difference is that in FEAR you pretty much always use a gun, though it is still scary as hell and will also get your blood pumping. Trust me these are what you are looking for.

    Other mediums, like movies are good too, but trust me, the games are like the books and movies, except it’s you who literally makes the decisions, so much more realistic.

    Playing in the dark with the sound turned up is the best way to experience them.

    If you decide to play on PC, then use a good pair of headphones, that will really suck you into the game.

  • Legs:

    You’re going to get a lot of Stephen King recommendations, and rightfully so, he’s great at what he does. My favorite of his is The Shining. It’s a lot better than the movie, and I thought it was a damn good movie. Also when it comes to subject matter, The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty is as creepy as it gets.

    A book can be incredibly suspenseful and can certainly shake you up, but I find it more difficult for a book to scare me the way movies do. Transgressive literature is your best bet for fiction to keep you up at night. Chuck Palahniuk and Bret Easton Ellis are the two best known and the latter especially can turn your stomach like no one else. Give them a shot. It’s the equivalent of the goriest movie you’ve ever seen, only you can’t shut your eyes until the scene is over. It’s not horror, it’s just “dear god, what did I just read?”.

  • :):

    red dragon by tomas harris

  • sasquatch:

    Pet Cemetery will scare the pants off you- you will need to keep the lights on- IT wasn’t terrifying- Pet Cemetery is- I believe it is spelled Pet Semetery

  • Joe the Destroyer:

    Off Season by Jack Ketchum
    The Resort by Bentley Little
    and if you don’t mind a collection of short stories, The Books of Blood by Clive Barker

  • tja:

    You could try I am Legend by Richard Matheson. It is more of a psychological thriller, but it might just affect you.

    Also, World War Z by Max Brooks is pretty interesting. For me, it was the concept of such an apocalypse that kept me awake at night.

    Also, try looking into DJ Moody’s books. There’s a series called Autumn. He also writes other fictional horror novels that sound awesomely scary, like Hater.

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