What would make a great halloween costume?

I thinking about going as a girl, again.

6 Responses to “What would make a great halloween costume?”

  • deepred:

    go as jesus

  • Payjani:

    Naked, that will be an attention grabber!
    get some of that skin colored fabric like the ice skaters use in their costumes!

  • mystacall:

    put whip cream on yer head and go as a “wet dream” !

  • d_bully:

    dont go and then say you were there but you were invisible LOL

  • MelissaD:

    Be a yahoo questions page ! HAHA

  • Sissy Space-Sick:

    I once did it up as “half-man; half women” – I made up half my face & brushed my long hair over 2 that side – shaved half my mustache, shaved 1 leg & put a nylon on it. I don’t remember more details coz it was a long time ago & I got pretty wasted – I looked pretty bizarre, but hey, that’s why Halloween’s all about, right U.S. ?!

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