What were the scratches in the ouija board in the movie Paranormal Activity?

I know that the demon spelled out “diane” on the board but there were scratches on the board. What was that? A picture of something or ??

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  • Enlightened One:

    I don’t know, but that was THE single dumbest movie I have ever seen. It was NOT scary at all, and you can watch every single “scary” part of that movie in the 90 second trailer, including the ending. It was the most unscary “scary” movie probably of all time. “Get that f**king camera out of my face!!!!, (random thud)” Is pretty much what the entire movie is. Most over rated movie of the decade. I literally fell asleep for a few minutes watching this movie.

  • Ian:

    they scratched the name diane or diana am sure warning them to find the website that diane had an bad exorcism on which she chewed off her own arm and died, so the demon warning they were not to try and get rid of the demon

  • Jdeep:

    the demon was saying he should of took the role as a demon stand in for the other movie. cause this movie blows.

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