What types of special effects were used in Paranormal Activity?

i wonder what special effects were used in the movie like the body being thrown, or the blanket moving, the oujie board, doors slamming and other stuff on just a budget of 15k and half of that being camera stuff.
also were they actually filmed sleeping or what? was it shot during the day and just edited to look like night?

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  • Edward:

    a lot of the effects used a still camera, so it’s pretty safe to assume that they used visual effects. The door could have been practical with fishing wire, the blanket moving could have been done with an air hose under the sheets edited out with a split screen to erase the hose. The ouija board was probably controlled by someone under the table with a magnet, who was erased digitally with a clean plate of under the table. The footprints could have used a clean shot of the floor, and then made and covered by masks in post. Then the masks were erased. For the woman getting pulled out of bed, this could have been done with wires, or by having someone pull on her ankle, have them erased in post, and create a digital section of ankle. I don’t think there was any color grading to make it look like night.

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