What Title would you use if you were shooting a horror movie?

If you had to make a film about, I don’t know, Zombies, Demons, like a horror movie, what title would you choose?

**Please avoid names like “Resident Evil, Silent Hill, SAW, 28 Days/Weeks Later, REC, and movies titles like that**

5 Responses to “What Title would you use if you were shooting a horror movie?”

  • Johnny:

    The fuck monster from planet scare

  • Chucknorris101:

    There once was a Calvin and Hobbes strip poking fun at B movie horror film names, and I think that was the best name I ever heard.

    So, depending on the context, I’d have to go along with something similar. Maybe, “Ultimate Rampaging Zombie Herd Unleashed!!!” or something like that :)

    On the more intellectual side, it would seem the above answer would not sell many tickets. Some more reasonable choices would probably be along the lines of “Zombie Hunters” or “Son of the Demon” or something like that.

  • Yargarble:

    “Your Mom’s Vaginal Tumors…3D!”

    It’d scare all but the people in Alabama.

  • Husky:

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Look it up on Google/Youtube, I know it’s a video game but there hasn’t been a movie about it.

  • Rodrigo Dament:

    The Rabid Carbuncle.
    Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

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