What kind of games can you play at a adult halloween party?

Im hosting a adult halloween party but ive searched everywhere including the internet for fun and scary games to play at a adult halloween party and came up with nothing please give ideas if you have them it will be much appreciated thanks!!

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  • diane c:

    naked twister.

  • love.heidi:

    Um a costume contest is always fun. have the guests vote. im not sure of any other games.

  • david israel:

    costumes is a rule-and naked twister is good for ho’s out of control-get a life and I went as Jesus with a crown of thorns and red for blood and a family bible-it got attention and people thought of something more than the curse of devils night and w/e david in amazing grace

  • freemansfox:

    I don’t know about scary but here are a few we have done

    When people get to the party pin a name to their back and they must ask questions about who that person is (so you could do horror movie people or celebrities)

    Do the same things kids do – apple bobbing – this is too funny watching grown people try and bob for apples

    Somewhere you can find a story but have the boxes where everyone must feel – peeled grapes (eyeballs) cooked spaghetti (guts) etc

    Have a fortunate teller – that can be scary – when we did it we had the laptop under the table and plugged in their birth date and then read their astrology stuff http://www.chaosastrology.net/freeastrologyreports.cfm

    Have a dance contest to the monster mash or use it to play musical chairs again very scary to watch adults to this

    Scavenge Hunt – put everyone into teams and give them 30-60 minutes and a list of gather everything

    Good Luck and have fun, remember part of a party is to remember the kid in you.

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