What is the haunted house in Brooklyn that you pay like 80 to get in but you get a refund if you make it thru?

Someone told me about a haunted house in Brooklyn, New York that costs about $80 to get in but if you make it through the entire thing you get all your money back. Does anyone know the name of it because i cant find anything about it online…..

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  • question time:]:

    you cant find anything about it becuase its fake, trust me. . . i fell for it too.
    it happens in every city and somehow no one exactly knows where it is and no one knows who went just a friends friends teacher. . .
    heres a website

  • grasshopper_ramblings:

    As a haunter I can tell you that there is no such thing as the haunt that has “13 floors” or that costs “$75+” that will “give you your money back if you make it to the end.” These types of things are always simply an urban legend. I wish that it was true, it would be fantastic to encounter a haunt that was so huge and so scary that they could still make money while offering such a thing but it’s just not possible.

    There are some haunts (at least 2 in Michigan – The Realm of Darkness and Urban Legends) that will offer refunds or double your money back for winning at games of chance or for finding a secret door in a completely dark maze but those are few and far in between and it’s not easy to win.

    Your best bet is to look for a top-rated haunt in your area. Are you near Ulster Park, NY? They have a haunt there, Headless Horseman, that is rated amongst the top 13 haunted attractions this year. You can check out their info at: http://www.headlesshorseman.com/

  • ashley:

    don’t listen to them, it is real, i was it on “Halloween’s most Haunted”! i’m not sure if it’s still open, but i KNOW its real.

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