what is some great halloween games to play at a party?

i just was wondering about some games that my friends and i could play tonight at a party we are having? Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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  • Leno D:

    fluffy bunny,
    stuff marshmallows or grapes into your mouths and try to say fluffy bunny after each one.
    the winner is the one who gets the most in without chewing. you have to spit them out and count when you reach your limit. but to win you have to eat them all.

  • samiruddin@ymail.com:

    fluffy bunny is by far the best and funniest game. iv’e played it myself at school party.

    also (this is a lesss fun game) aplle bobing is traditional.

    get a bucket full of water ( a big bucket) and drop some apples in there.

    two people both plunge thier heads in and try and fish out as many apples as they can in a certain amount of time. using only thier mouth.
    WARNING: you will get wet!

  • Quizy:

    7 minutes in hell is a good game for Halloween, first u go in a closet in the dark an u have to say candyman three times or say bloody mary 5 times and u have to stay in dere da whole 7 minutes, good luck if u decide ta play

  • time crisis dude:

    naked twister

  • Mel:

    Don’t know the name of it but, you tie string through the hole in a powdered donut and then you hang it from the celling in a row of 4 or so right above a persons head, then you race to see who can eat the most of the donut first with out using hands and with out dropping it on the floor. You could line big bowls up on a table and blind fold people then put there hands in the bowls and have them guess what they are. In the bowls you can put peeled grapes they feel like eye balls, cold cooked spaghetti feels like brains.

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