What games,prizes and decorations should I have for my Halloween party?

I’m having a Halloween party and I need to know games I should play what prizes I should have and what I should decorate my house with?

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  • Kayla Mcaninch:

    Hehe I love this question hehehehehehehe >:)… kk, well add a lot of real looking cobwebs (if you have stairs but a long red carpet in the middle of it), put fake spiders everywhere, buy things that pop out at every other turn (like a spider the comes off the ceiling, or u can ask friends/family members to hide and then scream out), for windows put over your curtains old, dirty, scratched up curtains (you can easily make those from sheets, you can dye them if you want), on the snack table just put a scratched up sheet over it (like the curtains). For snacks buy Halloween cookies (you can buy them at Marsh or a local bakery), you can make spaghetti and put the spaghetti in one big bowl (put a sign next to it saying “worms”), next to it the sauce (put a sign next to it saying “runny blood”), and meat balls (put a sign next to it saying “chunks of flesh”), and chips and red dip (so it looks like blood). Games you can play are with Ouija Board or Ghosts in the Graveyard (when you play hide n seek in the dark in a big yard). Well I hope you enjoy the party and invite me next time… lol jk! Happy Halloween 3:)

  • Sarah P:

    Well do you want fun, gross or scary or a mix of games here are some interesting ideas

    A creative group might like creating a haunted story and each guest brings an ending to the party – fun for girl sleepover parties http://partygameideas.com/halloween-games/haunted_story_1.php

    Messy and gross Operation Body Parts is fun and gross. Kids must find specific body parts in a mess of stuff – game details here http://partygameideas.com/halloween-games/operation_body_part_4.php

    If these are active kids and not in costume consider Find the Pumpkins or Capture the Pumpkins. Other games that I found here, http://partygameideas.com/halloween-games/games-by-age.php, that look interesting Halloween Fear Factor and Eat Your Brains.

    Prizes – Halloween candy!

  • Michelle Young:


    Here’s some ideas for Halloween. I thrown a Halloween party for my kids nearly every year so far, alternate between the two of them as one is now 9 and the other 17 so their needs and what acceptable is a little different.

    I’m just in the middle of building a web site on ‘Party themes’ and one of the sections is ‘Halloween party ideas for teenagers’ there’s also a page for younger kids. Below is an example of a Halloween theme, Mad scientists Laboratory. Another one I really like is the zombie dinner party and Dolls house (that’s ones simple but creepy) There’s also some good ideas on creating a Zombie Graveyard. Here’s an extract from the web site…. if you fancy visiting it the address is http://www.creative-kids-partys.com it’s a nonprofit site and still under construction on some pages but I hope it helps if you take a look.

    Zombie Graveyard

    With just a little imagination and carefully placed zombie corpses a garden can quite easily become a ‘Zombie Graveyard’.

    Create Headstones using sheets of cardboard you can really strong sheets of card from supermarkets, they’re always glad to get rid of some. You cut these into different grave shapes and paint grey and then write on names of the deceased. Place these at random throughout the garden or yard, up against fences or standing up free, a simple line cut a couple of inches down into the grass will allow the grave to stand up on its own. Details like blood and slime can also be added if you like.

    If you live in a climate where it’s cold at Halloween, although originally from Britain, I now live in Australia so Halloween is in summer, then you can work wonders with a big pile of autumn leaves. So if you can get your hands on a great big pile of leaves then you can lay these out in front of the grave stones to resemble where the body would be.

    If you can either create or acquire body parts, arms legs, hands then these can be placed in the leave so that it looks like the zombies are rising form the dead.

    These kinds of really creative Halloween party ideas for teenagers will be real winners with all their friends. I’ll bet you have lots of help to once you tell them what your ideas are! Playing kids Halloween party games set in these fantastic settings will have teens really spooked.


    A different direction for Zombies could be to add a music theme and host a Michael Jackson Thriller party with all the guests dressed as zombies…

    Good luck and Happy Halloween

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