What games/activities should I do for a High school Halloween party?

I don’t want little kids games like “Make a monster” or anything baby-ish. This is for highschoolers, like myself, who don’t want to be treated like a child. I just want people to have fun and for the party not to be a dud. I’m 15 and some of my friends are older than me. None of my friends are younger than me. Oh! And its a costume party.

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  • excitement:

    ugh why would you not want to be a kid and play fun games like that
    i’m 15 and i’d playing hide and go seek and pin the tail on the donkey than any “mature” no baby-ish game…

  • Koneko:

    some of those kid games are hysterical. try a blindfold guess the item in the box thing. it is funny and they will get a kick out of it. don’t use silly things like grapes. get creative and use silly string, pick really wierd things.
    get nerf guns and shoot each other. that’s always a riot. no matter what the age. get some marshmallow guns and shoot them at each other.
    you can go to carnival websites and get ideas for games and modify them for your age group.
    if you can hire a characturist, thats also fun for a break in the games.

  • LoneWolf:

    Bob for apples. Put donuts hanging from a string and see who can eat them fastest without using their hands. Set up a fear factor tasting challenge.

  • alice c:

    ummmm… pin the teeth on the vampire!

  • Mani:

    kothi kommacha
    amma nanna
    ko ko
    color dress match

  • Mommy 2 B Again:

    Bobbin’ for Apples.

    Pumpkin Pie Walk (Cake Walk)

    Pumpkin Carving Contest

    Costume Contest

  • jenny:

    A treasure hunt is fun! A hay ride is too.

  • Sweet n Sour:


    Lots of ideas on costumes, decorations, party favors, etc.

  • Daisy Z:

    Well you could play hide and seek.But in the dark.Just make sure you don’t put the house that dark or else everybody would be bumping to each other

  • Whitewinger:

    You could plan your ‘costume party’, will there be prizes? How would you vote? A group picture while everyone’s costume is fresh would be good, or maybe a guest book…something fun at the start. Pictures of each guest? A rememberance. If you have any extra costumes keep them handy for someone who doesn’t have one. Food makes the party. And some bubbly cider is nice alongside some hot cider even. Offer both.
    A movie screening of some creepy classic like ‘Night of the Living Dead’ or something, you could have ‘bloody popcorn’ with a little red food coloring in melted butter.
    Games are cool if they are challenging, something for older people like build a gory story one sentence at a time…around the room, each person carries on the story using one word from the last person’s sentence.
    One thing we did when I was a kid I will never forget. My friends’ mom made a walkthrough little ‘haunted house’ in a dark room. Along the way you put your hand in bowls, boxes, etc, and there were gross things in there, but you couldn’t see them, like a bowl of eyeballs was really grapes in jello…but boy did we scream! It felt like eyeballs.
    I can’t remember the other ones, but it was all food items that felt weird and they told us a creepy story about how the eyeballs got there…can’t quite remember that part, I have celebrated quite a few Halloweens.
    At the end you could switch costume parts and create new costumes or something like that.
    Just some ideas that fell out of my head. Have fun and be safe.

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