What different ideas, games, food, decorations can I use for my Halloween party?

We are about 12-14 yrs old and there is about 20ish people going to my Halloween party for 3hrs and i was wondering what kind of things to do, decorations, food, games, all for cheap and parents will accept!!!!! These are middle school kids!! boys and girls!! remember were not babies!!

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  • The Grand Inquisitor:

    We cut out tons of headstones from cardboard, spray painted them grey and drew cracks on them w/ permanent marker. Then, scattered them on one large wall to make a graveyard. When guest came, they used the marker to write their name on their cup and then ON a headstone! It was awesome by the end of the night (ppl came up w/ some pretty funny stuff to put on theirs)

    It’s also fun if you have someone dress as the grim reaper, with a staff and lantern- to greet guests and show them the way in to the party (for us the party was in the basement, so they had to walk a ways thru the dark to get to the door.

    Colored spot lights (popular for plants or around xmas time) on the floor in corners makes the fog look extra cool.

    We had bloody punch with cherries that we soaked in vodka (unneccessary lol) but we took surgical gloves and filled them with water, then froze them. Remove the glove and float in the punch- looks awesome.

    Coffins are pretty easy to make out of refridgerator boxes and spray paint:)

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