What can we do to make sure that we have a great Halloween costume party?

We’re having a costume party at our house the Saturday before Halloween. I think we have enough booze, just bought a karaoke machine, got a fogger to lure the shy out into our living room dance floor, and lots of Halloween decorations. Looking for any tips to make sure we have a great party.

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  • madgiefort:

    GOOD MUSIC!!! The karaoke machine is a great idea, but make a few CD’s with dance and Halloween tunes. Maybe put a few DVD’s in on mute (Halloween ,Nightmare on Elm St, etc.) I did that and everyone loved it!!! Have fun at your party!!!

  • outlaw_tattoo_biker:

    Invite people you really like and who really like each other.

  • janedoe:

    Good people. Don’t invite people that will ruin it. Otherwise it sounds fun. Maybe some good food too.

  • East of Eden:

    Have non-alcoholic drinks for people that want them. Have food too….things like…7 layer dip and chips, sweet treats like cookies, browines…etc. You might also want to set up a bobbing for apples thing, those are always fun, even for adults.

    Have fun


    How about drawing names for groups to help the shy and bad singers involved? If they are in a group they will be at ease. Don’t start the singing with the best singers in the group also. That way the attendees won’t feel intimidated. You could get a box of props for the singers or “back up”singers to use. Like hearts, hoola skirts,hats of all kinds,toy boat,cars of different styles for 50’s songs, etc. You could get a x-large bikini at a clearance sale or thrift shop and paint polka dots on it.Usually people relax when they are behind a costume no matter how small it is, like a hat.They let their personality shine!Try to have non alcoholic beverages also and serve coffee at the end so the party-hardy-types can have an hr or so to sober up before going home.Have safe fun!

  • Lani:

    Everything you are doing sounds like fun. I would also suggest a costume contest. You could do different categories like Scariest Costume, Best Costumed Couple, or even pick certain themes. For example, for my party one of the categories will be best 80s costume. Make up some certificates and/or get some fun little prizes for the winners.

  • angelspice1995:

    good music

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