What Can I Do To Make Our Adult Halloween Party Amazing? (Games, Drinks, etc)?

My Fiance & I Had A Great Halloween Party Last Year But It Was Basic Other Than Decorations. This Year I’m Building a Stage For Dancing, We’re giving out prizes for costumes.. What Else Can We Do.. ANY ideas welcome! Simple or Drastic!

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  • Rapid Fire:

    ADULT PARTY – EASY 101 – Have everybody dress up wearing only rollerblades. Everybody can be a pull toy.

  • Kerri:

    Consider a Halloween themed treasure hunt that can run throughout your event. Check out http://www.mastersofthehunt.com/adults-scavenger-hunt.php The Haunted Hunt was designed to be hosted at an adult Halloween party. Have fun!

  • bob -b- c:

    First you need Dry ice you can find in phone book or a good grocery store.You add to poweraid,koolaid,applejuice.Nothing already carbonated the ice does it for you.And no matter how old you are the smoke and bubbling is cool!Then you need to go to Get some teeth and put in watermelon.Put teeth close enought to hold in candy or fresh fruit it makes a cool display.And dont forget to use some in pumpkins they are the hit of the party since they are not in stores yet!Then play pass spagetti for intestines and small hard boiled eggs for eyes etc.While you tell a scary story in the dark.My mom did this when we were teens and 20 yrs later i still remeber!Good luck and happy halloween..

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