What are some paranormal experiences you have had that you know were signs of evil to come?

Have you or someone you know had real life encounters with something that you would call not of this world and you knew that it was signs of evil things to come and did days go by and then suddenly some evil happened to a loved one or one of your family members?

4 Responses to “What are some paranormal experiences you have had that you know were signs of evil to come?”

  • Thatoneguy:

    One time I ran out of cookies. That was pretty vile and evil. Especially since I didnt have any money to buy more.

  • Ashlee:

    Whenever I come to work and see this evil marketer of ours…

  • Pandora:

    Whenever I wake up to discover its not Saturday and I have to go into work. Then when I get to work…my boss is there. Now THAT is an evil and cruel situation….

    Actually, in all honesty…during my sisters’ senior year in high school during band practice she pissed off this girl who yelled “WHY DON’T YOU JUST DROP DEAD!” and a few classes later she collapsed due to massive internal bleeding because her spleen ruptured. I personally found it a bit creepy. Those two are best friends now….funny how things work out…

    Is this what you meant?

  • germaine_87313:

    I am Native American (Navajo) and my tribe has several omens we consider menacing.

    The first is when a coyote crosses your path, much like a black cat. But a lot of locals will pull off the road and wait for someone else to pass.

    The second is the most taboo. It is when you see or hear an owl. This usually means that someone near you is going to die.

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