What Are Some Great Halloween Games For Teens?

I’m Having A Halloween Party And I’m Hoping It Will Be A Night To Remember, But It Can’t Happen Unless I Have Great Games For Us To Play

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  • Lynds W:

    Scribblish, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit

    Or play some sort of kissing game lol (suck and blow)

    orrr put on some movies and have a little alcohol and everybody will be chatting it up

  • jcl:

    Stand in line and pass an apple using ur whole body just not hands or mouth (use neck) pass through line if it hit the floor u gotta start over I did this my sophomore year and its more fun if u go girl then boy in the line

  • SNicole:

    Pin the fangs on the vampire.
    Costume contest.
    Bone hunt (like easter egg hunt but with plastic bones outside).
    Scary stories.
    Halloween camp out.
    Marco Polo (on land in the woods).

    Have fun!

  • galliondude:

    I’d prefer more interactive games that aren’t complicated. Guesstures, twister, put on the wii, music and snacks.

  • Rus J:

    Saw these games here http://partygameideas.com/halloween-games/games-by-age.php, plus they have more with instructions

    Capture the Pumpkins – Kids, Teens and Adults, open space and fields, active – running
    Eat Your Brains – Tweens, Teens, Adults, gross, food eating, messy game
    Gross Food Guess – Kids and Adults, food
    Halloween Fear Factor Trick or Treat – Teens & Adults, gross, eating, messy
    Halloween Film Festival – Teens & Adults, creative, preparation, make video
    Monster Movie Trivia – Teens & Adults, adapt for age, challenge, trivia
    The Morgue Assistant – Kids 9 and up, Teens, challenge, gross, messy
    Murder Mysteries – Halloween themed for teens, all girls mysteries available
    Operation Body Parts – Teens and Adults, messy, gross, teams, competitive

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