What are some great Adult Halloween party games I can do at my Adult halloween party.?

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  • college_republicans_club:

    Instead of bobbing for apples, well…use your imagination!

  • L.lion:

    aren’t the costumes enough?
    Try Cranium

  • scampy74:

    Who’s in my mouth

  • drunkdriver:

    strip poker..hahaha

  • Tonx:

    Play “Whos in my Mouth”

  • goth_mtl_girl:

    if it involves drinking and nudity, its a great part game, whether its Halloween or not :P

  • oriko s:

    Get a pinata, fill it with cash!

  • CJ:

    Play quarters

  • Emily M:

    How about Pumpkin Games?
    So what are pumpkin games? Quite simply traditional games but using various sizes of pumpkins instead of balls! I understand that the idea for this was first thought up by Karren Price of Ansty Farm in Wiltshire, U.K. She now holds sporting events using pumpkins every Hallowe’en, or what she calls the “Pumpkin Olympics”.

    For example, a pumpkin and shovel/spade race is similar to an egg and spoon race. You can vary this flat race by having posts to weave in and out of or by making contestants hop in and out of hoops or old car tyres, placed flat on the ground. Of course all the time they have to carry a shovel with a small pumpkin or squash balanced on it and if this drops off, then it’s back to the beginning they go!

    Let the men and boys battle it out in pumpkin football by trying to score goals with pumpkins. Or perhaps your guests would rather play pumpkin basketball, croquet or skittles? The games you choose will depend on the size and weight of the pumpkins or squash you have available. For example gemstone squash are a good variety to throw at skittles.

    Playing with vegetables will change the game considerably and provide lots of fun and laughter!

    For less strenuous pumpkin entertainment at your Hallowe’en party, you could offer a quiz, such as “guess how many seeds in the pumpkin”. Perhaps you could set up a pumpkin shy and throw small varieties like Gems or Patty Pans at towers of tins or even more pumpkins!

  • Lydia B:

    A door prize is good to throw in the mix. Give away a Halloween Pumpkin full of candy, or gift item of your choice, and have a drawing for it at a certian time. I’d get some pumpkin or spider party favors and number them all, and give each guest a number. Throw slips of paper with the same numbers into a fishbowl with t he same numbers and draw. You can always give more than one gift. Or use it as a system to call on people for games, or karoke, or anything. It has good potential.

  • Jennifer O:

    A costume contest should be one!

  • GlamourGirl:

    Buck-naked Twister with the masks still one. Who ever are the last 2 people in the game, can make out in front of everyone.

    Oooppps!!!!!!!!! I said 2 much!!!! He He

  • Trina K:

    My friends and I call this the word game and its a big hit at all my getogethers…..

    You will need 3 judges…
    Team the women against the men

    Now in true Acro style..the judges give 3 letters to the teams
    and each team makes the best phrase for the letters given. They have 60 seconds to agreen on an answer. The judges then vote on the best answer and the losing team can take a shot (you’ll need to buy those plastic medicine cups if you don’t have a lot of shot glasses) or they can remove an item of clothing.
    Example: GHP

    Girls answer : Get Hair Permed
    Guys answer: Gives Head Perfectly

    LOL what team do you think wins? Up to you whether they strip or drink.
    They will want to play this all night long.

  • saucycee:

    Get a plain wooden jenga tower and write dares and truths on the blocks. Pretty obvious – when people take out a block they have to do whats written :)

    You could make it halloween themed by writing haloweeny dares and truths.

  • spearchukka2003:

    how about a murder mystery party, or a clue style party – everyone dresses up in period costume or characters from clue have a prize for the best costume, fastest to solve the crime, something like a dinner for 2 at a resteraunt.

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