what are some good ideas for a halloween movie party?

im going to have a halloween movie party and i need some ideas. we will mostly be watching 13 nights of halloween, and other halloween movies that we bring. i need snack ideas, and other fun halloween related games, or things to do. this is a party for teenagers. so far i have planned that we will: watch movies, take pictures in our costumes, play hide-n-seek in the dark outside, wear halloween pajamas, and jump on the trampoline.

One thought on “what are some good ideas for a halloween movie party?

  1. Make a chocolate cake that resembles a graveyard:

    I also remember a recipe for Halloween punch: Mix some orange flavored juice in a bowl, and then freeze up some grape flavored juice as ice cubes. Just before the party, put the ice cubes in the bowl of orange juice and watch the punch get darker and darker as the cubes melt.

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