What are some good adult Halloween games for small parties?

Please no corny games. I have also seen enough “murder mystery, scavenger hunt, guess who, pumpkin carving” to make me puke. Please share any original, adult oriented ideas. I also am not looking for…”well a lot of kids games make fun adults games.” So if you have something unique, please post! Thanks!

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  • p180t895:

    I’ve attended several adult only Halloween parties, but the TOS (Terms of Service) don’t allow me to describe them here. I looked at E-Mailing you with the suggestion, but you’re not allowing E-Mail contact. I do allow E-Mail contact, so if you want to contact me on this topic, feel free.

    These were XXX adult party games for gay men, but the ideas can also work in a pansexual / bisexual, or even straight group. The latest one dealt with prisoners and guards. You could also do a “Lords of the Rings” / “Dungeons and Dragons” type game. What really matters is how far you want to go, which is only you and your guests can decide.

    I strongly suggest you do a safe, sane, and consensual party with a “Head Master” (Dungeon Master, Head Trustee / Warden, etc) to monitor the activities. I highly recommend it NOT be just one person. This will allow them to rest and also play, which helps keep their own minds clear and on safety.

    Everyone should know up front the party limits. Do NOT assume people know them. Being embarrassed to talk about the details before hand can lead to disagreements, misunderstandings, and bad feelings (or worse) that can last for years or longer.

    Adult parties can be fun, when done respectfully and in a SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual) manner.

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