What are some fun ADULT halloween games…..including games with alcohol?

I am having a surprise party for my hubby on his birthday….Halloween! It is going to be a costume party and I am going to have food and of course alcohol. I need game ideas, party planning ideas and even costume ideas for couples.

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  • Ms.Firefly:

    For games you could have a movie playing and you take a shot every time something happens, like 1 for everytime a certain word is used, 2 for every time someone runs/screams 1 for every character that gets killed. and so on.

    Do a trivia game, and everytime someone gets the answer correct they take a shot.

    Costumes for couples-
    El Wray and Cherry (Grindhouse)
    Otis and Baby (Devils Rejects)
    Leatherface and a victum (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
    Danny and Sandy (Grease)
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    Edward Scissorhands and Kim

    ps. thats my birthday too!

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