What are some creatures like Bigfoot and Mothman that I might not know about?

I watch monsterquest and all those shows like lost tapes and stuff because i’m interested n cryptozoology so dont refer them to me.
Here are some things I know about
3.Lochness Monster
5.Dover Demon
6. Boneless Horror or the Kraken
7.Creature of Bear Lake
12.Ohio Grassman
13.And some other ones I cant think of ATM

Anyway please tell me some so I can research them a little bit.
,Thank you for helping
Jersey Devil is one of them I forgot about

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  • JBFW<3:

    Jersey devil?

  • CaitlynL:

    Have you viewed Wiki’s List of Cryptids? Pretty much everything listed there!

  • Rando:

    Here are a few, though many of these don’t have many believers anymore,

    Asp Turtle
    Beast of Bray Road
    Carn Galver

    Hopefully this will lead to you finding some great research :)

  • Digyo:

    The Popobawa of Zanzibar is, perhaps, the one to fear most. It is said to do things so vile that it is best to not go into detail here.

  • Mooy C:

    that show is very dangerous to every one of those creatures, im a werewolf and humans have werewolves wrong, were not a mix beween wolves and humans, were humans that turn into full wolves when we meditate. The society thinks of us and others (like vampires) as demons and will kill us,make us carnies or put us in the mental hospital if they fin dout who we are because humans and specially the govourment, are the biggest retards of all time. So sorry, I cant spill any more info on any of these unless you are one or are looking to become one. If you are just pm me =)

  • Glenn Quagmire:

    my 4inch peni$ is A creature every1 searches for sad to say only the females find it

    giggity giggity gue

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