what are some cheap halloween party /game ideas?

for 13 year olds

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  • kittyneedscheezebooga:

    I have a block party. I invite friends and neighbors. We all bring a potluck dish and chill, people bring bags of candy for trick or treaters and for prizes. We had a cakewalk which is cheap and the kids love it. Someone created a bean bag toss game out of a sturdy cardboard, we had balloons and darts, bobbing for apples, a cookie decorating contest. It was simple, fun, and it kept kids off of the street and it was a great time for the adults to mingle and enjoy one another

  • medical-t:

    need to know the ages of the guests.

    Okay, that will help:

    Have a halloween themed pinata.

    Halloween twister:

    Sack races:

    Other games:
    Mummy game: Have 2 teams and give a roll of toilet paper to each team and have races to make mummies out of a team member in a timed game.

    Pass it:
    Have guests sit in a circle. Have a witches cauldron container with small halloween toys (oriental trading) Get a small halloween stuffed animal or you could use a small pumpkin. Have an adult play music and while it plays you pass the item around. When the music stops, the person holding it is out but gets to take a small prize from the cauldron in the middle. Have a larger gift for whoever is the last one who does not go out.

    Guess the number:
    Have a jar filled with candy corn or other halloween candy. Who ever guesses closes gets to keep it.

    Halloween pong:
    Get some small containers or even plastic halloween cups. put the cups in the center of the table and give each person so many halloween candies. In a certain amount of time see who can get more candies into their cup.

    Oriental trading has a lot of halloween decorations: Go to the site, click on the sale tab and then click ont he halloween sales. They also have a lot of cheap stuff on their site that is not on sale but their prices are pretty cheap.

    Cheap halloween food.
    Jello jigglers, grape and orange, use a halloween cookie cutter.

    Make instant chocolate pudding, put in a pan, crush cheap chocolate sandwich cookies (put in ziplock and step on it to crush) spread on top of pudding. Use gummy worms and use milano cookies to make tombstones. Write rip on the cookies. Use cool whip to make ghosts.

    Put any chips in a bowl but put spider rings on it to make it look like they are crawling all over.

    Make orange rice crispey bars.

    Sites for decorations:
    oriental trading
    party cheap

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