What are some amazing games to play at a halloween party?

ohkayy so heres the deal. I’m 13 and I’m going to have a halloween party. I live right next to a historical graveyard and my basement is creepy. Our landscaping is like in the woods and theres paths. I was thinking of doing a haunted walk through the woods but I’m not sure if people would volentear to help. I need some awesome games to play. No board games, We’ll be outside.

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  • Edward's Forbidden Fruit:

    If you really want to get a fright… I would say (and this might not be completely safe) go to the cemetary and take a Ouija board with to contact ghosts…. v. scary and v. fun

  • securiteeboyz:

    You could dare like groups of 2 kids to go through the graveyard alone, and then maybe you could hide someone in the leaves with a crypt skeleton mask by one of the graves and they could really scare the person really good considering the graveyard should already be scary enough, they’d probably run away so fast that they wouldn’t even know it was planned.

    Also, If you could get just like 3 or 4 people to help, you could easily make a haunted walkthrough, ecspecially since the path is already there. I have a haunt in my basement annually and I we can’t use anymore than 6 or 7 people But definitely use the graveyard b/c they are plain creepy at night.

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