What are great halloween party games? There will be kids and adults there.?

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  • Bannana Cream Cloud:

    sorry, i dont have any games but i do have a suggestion…. you should probably have kid games and adult games and make them seperate or if its more appropriate have kid and adult games with kids and adults together…. i’m not sure if i helped but i tried!!

  • Greeneyed:

    bob for apples
    best costume
    scariest costume
    pumpkin pie eating contest
    dance contest
    pass the ghost(small ghost you have to pass from person to person using no hands)
    hot pumpkin(like hot potato)
    guess the pumpkins weight
    jack-o-lantern carving contest
    ghost stories(sit in a circle and someone starts it and then someone adds to it and so on)
    murder mystery
    name game(post names on backs of people and they have to ask other people questions and guess what the card on their back says)
    some games here:


  • Jennifer B:

    For our parties sometimes we took games we knew and incorporated halloween items. Like limbo with witches brooms. Theres always apple-bobbing. Theres a game called the dead mans brains where different objects are passed as body parts in the dark. You can put the parts in boxes. I would suggest separate games for adults and kids.

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