were to get botany degree?

were can i get botany degree in the us

or ufology or cryptozoology
or astrobiology
or paleozoology
or some other life science thats awsome

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  • saffronesque:

    Where do you live? What aspect of botany do you want to study?

    Biotechnology companies need botanists trained in genetics to do research on inserting genes from animals into plants. If you want to earn good money in a non-academic setting, biotechnology would be a good direction.

    Nearly all universities will have degree programs for botany. Visit as many universities as you can and talk to the depart- ment chairperson, academic advisors or professors to see what they expect of their students and what the department has to offer.

    With a botany degree you can work for USDA in research, applied agriculture, and ag inspection at the borders and ports. You can teach at college level with a Master’s or Ph.D. in botany.

  • BotanyDave:

    University of Oklahoma- good micro botany course.

    Oklahoma State Univ.- Good Macro botany course. And professors from around the world, world-famous genetics instructor, good micro-botany classes too.

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