The Mountains of Mystery (2009)

A feature-length documentary from CFZtv, directed by Jonathan Downes and produced by Richard Freeman. In the summer of 2008, five British explorers from the UK based Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ], the world’s largest mystery animal research group, fly to the mountains of southern Russia, just weeks before the region erupts into war.. They are searching for the almasty, a semi-mythical apeman, that the team believe could be man’s closest relative; an evolved descendant of Homo erectus. Along the way they have many adventures, and several members of the team are nearly killed on more than one occasion. With music by Gogol Bordello and Jonathan Downes For more details check out

22 Responses to “The Mountains of Mystery (2009)”

  • dmichalczyk:

    the music simply does not fit a documentary like this. man…

  • dltanner99:

    Cryptozoology video see video book trailer

  • southernboy2112:

    soundtrack blew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sethzky77:

    two minutes into it and turned it off. Music is shit.

  • EducatedRebellion101:

    The music and the atheist Darwinistic crap that they try to link this creature to is absurd. Even if one is found, that will create MORE problems for Darwinists than it would solve. They will have to explain why these never “evolved” but yet others supposedly became homo sapiens. I’m NO Christian, I am just not stupid enough to fall for an atheist sales pitch w/ BILLIONS of missing links in the overall fossil record, ranging from insects & plants, all the way to humans & animals.

  • cntsay1:

    stupid music,couldnt get past it sorry

  • i8uNWO:

    I enjoyed following the expedition, but please do me a favour? grab the person who thought that music was a good idea and plant your foot in his ass!

  • nojob71:

    I didnt realize this was about Benny Hill. I keep expecting some idiot to pass thru the view in fast forward mode. I made to the 1 hr mark, but the music was slowly driving me insane. Could not take any more…

  • cliff4640:

    this would have been a good show if it wasn’t for the crappy music playing thru it, gave up after 3 min waiting for it to STOP

  • cajunpits:

    who in the hell said you have to include dumbass music in the back that drowns out the talking in these films

  • screamokidz:

    Gogol Bordello isn’t a french music band you moron!

  • Morglay:

    Sorry, but I can’t watch any more of this!
    The music is of really bad taste and to have singing during the narration,is,quite clearly,stupid.
    The only I’d be able to watch the video,is if the music is edited out.

  • MissLadyboy007:

    I agree the music is completely inappropriate and very distracting.

  • milo555a:

    the music kills this.horrible to say the least.

  • mula1968:

    This would have been much better without that stupid french circus music!
    The music really made the whole affair much more amateurish in nature – although with more dramatic intonations at the moment appropo would have given this the mood the film was meant to serve.

  • 1trip711:

    Edmonton wtf###

  • eezZzee:

    wow .,..great doc but the music did my head in!

  • Methadone4Life:

    This is my cup of tea here. I enjoy the other cryptids and such but the hominids are what really piques my imagination the most.

  • gunneil:

    Yes what would modern human hair samples be doing in that location and that conical skull did not look human either!

  • ringotomb:

    good show but that music gets to you after 1/2 hour

  • cfztv:

    Thank You. That is very sweet of you to say that

  • Chelvis337:

    great job and great video, I am tremendously impressed by the CFZ team!

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