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What are some activities or games to play at a Halloween/Birthday party for young children?

I need help planning activities and games to do at a Halloween/Birthday party for young kids and toddlers. They will range from about age 2-5 or so and I want activities that are fun and will keep them busy instead of watching cartoons or something.. Please help!! Also, you if have any suggestion of what kind of food to serve, please let me know!!

Does anyone know if paranormal things can cause young children to have seizures?

Friday night.. a little boy of a friend of mine was perfectly healthy.. and went into a seizure ended up on a ventilator. and flown to OSU. then sunday night.. his one year old brother had a seizure when he was at home with only his fifteen year old sister and his two week old nephew.. and both children have a completely clean bill of health after several tests .. and there have been several things that people have witnessed in the house.. any help is appreciated.

Halloween Party games for young teens (13-15 years of age)?

around 20 of my friends are coming to my house for a Halloween party. My mom is worrying that we have nothing to do for the party. I’m in ninth grade, but there are 5 (or 6) 11 year-olds coming because i have known them for a very long time. What are good Halloween party games for teens? They have to be clean…nothing dirty! As In, U post a dirty game idea on here and I might report you, sorry for being so harsh, but the party is happening in 8 days and I’m freaking out and my co-host is being annoying and playing games with my mom & me.

Need some halloween party game ideas for young adult party?

Ok, throwing together a party for some young adults (not quite drinking age) and need some ideas games to play. There will be about 40 guests so please, anything helps. i don’t want a whole bunch of bored teens contained in one house on halloween hahaha.
I would really like this party to be amazing, scary, and pretty memorable so please, any ideas help :] Thank you!

Is it weird for a young teen to be interested in the great mysteries and questions of the universe? ?

Im into cryptozoology, history, space science, government conspiracy and even some of my teachers look at me funny……

Halloween Party Games!! What are some good games for young adults?

Its a mixed party
by mixed i mean there will be married couples, boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged couples, and singles…
ages range from 18 to 26

what are some good games..

What are some up to date movies with young boys in horror movies and or other?

‘m looking for some movies with young boys age 11, 12 or older in horror movies like movies like the grudge 2 and 28 weeks later?

Also are there any movies like the nature of Nicholas, and if you seen that movie you’ll know what I’m taking about. are there similar movies to that movie

Any good horror novels involving young adults?

I’m looking to read a horror novel involving young adults. Maybe someone looking for them or trying to kill them. I dont really like much ghost stories. Any suggestions?

Which horror movie has a young boy trying to save his siblings from an insane mother?

In the past few years, there was a horror film in which a religious extremist mother went nuts and tried to kill her children, with her 10-12 year old son the only one capable of saving the day. What was the name of this movie?


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