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my 12 year old want a scary halloween party, im looking for ideas for food and games?

What are some good Halloween party recipes for 12-14 year olds?

I’m having my 13th birthday soon. Any recipe ideas? Or even party game ideas? Thanx!

Do you know how to have a halloween party for 13 year olds?

Me n my friends r throwing a halloween party for the targeted age group of 13. no were not gonna b doing spin the bottle n that stuff. we have covered music, decorations, food, and lights. WHAT CAN WE DO AT THE PARTY? ANY FUN TEEN HALLOWEEN PARTY ACTIVITES OR GAMES?????? PLEASE HELP!!!

HELP!!what are some GAMES for a halloween party for thirteen year olds?

what are some ideas for games to have at a halloween party for a 13 year old and some guys?

i am having this cool halloween party and i am inviting my guy friends + girls but idk what to do

I am having a halloween party for about 10 – 15 22 year olds. Any suggestions on any fun party games to play?

Any good halloween party ideas for 13 year olds?

i already have decorations food and music! i dont wanna have any party games though bc that seems a little childish! im out of things to do!!

What are some cute game ideas for a 13 year olds halloween party?

I am having a halloween party and i need ideas and games for it. I am 13 years old so nothing kiddish. thanks

Halloween games for a thirteen year old slumber party?

:) thanks!

I am planning a halloween party for 20 8 year olds does anyone have really fun games for them to play?

Also we are doing a haunted house any good ideas?

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