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Night time of my first yard haunt

halloween 2007 video

In my yard

Pumpkin Head was built for the kids on my block and some were so happy they walked away crying

How To Build A Corpse: Follow Up To Our 2009 Homemade Halloween Yard Display

Here’s how I built the corpse. The bulk of the project is paper. For the skull, I had a styrofoam skull that I “corpsed” last year. You can buy them anywhere for a couple of bucks. The teeth were made from hot glue. The longest part of the job was the paper mache. You have to add several layers for strength, so this takes time. The way I make my mache is: Measure out 1 cup cornstarch and dump in lidded container. Add 1/2 cup water and mix in as best you can. (will be powdery after completely mixed). Add 1/2 cup Elmers Glue and mix till all the lumps are gone. Tear your strips of paper, don’t cut them. You need the rough edges. Hope you enjoy the video. Comments are welcome! I may put one up showing how I made Mr. Pumpkinhead and Mr. Red.

Our 2009 Homemade Halloween Yard Display

Here’s a video of our front yard this year. I’ll post another video showing how I made all of the decorations (if anyone is interested). The corpse and Mr. Pumpkinhead are paper mache, while Mr. Red is mostly hot glue. We still have to put up some spider web and the day before Halloween, we always put out the fog machine…it adds the right feel to Halloween night. Hope you enjoy.

What is the best Yard decorations this Halloween! Halloween Yard Decoration cannot be neglected if you are going to hold a halloween party. Your friends will be caught by your Halloween party decoration

Texas Ghost Show, Interview Grave Yard Shift …

Texas Ghost Show, Interview W/ Members of TexPart Paranormal and The Freestone County Historical Museum in Fairfield, Texas This is a Special Edition of Saturday Night Paranormal, LIVE From The 2010 Texas Ghost Show. Interview by Jennifer Hanson, Co-Founder, Southern Paranormal Investigations ( Night Paranormal with Host Ian Hickin. Featuring Live Paranormal Investigations, Live Laboratory Experiments, Special Guests, Live Reveals, Interactive Discussion, and Live Studio Appearances By Forum Members and Paranormal Investigators from Around The World. Broadcasting on the Peoples TV Network and The White Noise Network. Also Appearing Gary Walters, Virginia Walters, Dave Edwards and the Staff and Investigators of Florida Paranormal Research as well as Network Teams Including Southern Paranormal Investigators, Southeast Florida Paranormal Society, and More. Airs LIVE Every Saturday Night at 10pm Eastern Daylight Time. Studio Shows Run 3 Hours, while Events and Investigations run all night! Goto www.GhostShow.US and Launch a Player or Watch Us On The Peoples TV Network at this LINK: The White Noise Broadcast Network. LIST OF AFFILIATE AND OFFICIAL WEBSITES www.FloridaParanormalResearch . com http http www.GhostShow.US http http

HAUNTED YARD Sherwood Asylum 2010

SHERWOOD ASYLUM halloween 2010

My Yard Haunt 2010

My Yard Haunt 2010 that I built myself.

Forgotten Cemetery yard build 2010 day 14 Free stuff, Home Hauntby

Donation from friends, too exciting. I make Halloween props and scenes primarily made by my own hands with a goal of fascinating your senses. I use green materials when possible, aka reusing old materials and sharing supplies with haunt buddies. What do you all someone who is compelled 365 to spend spare time planning and creating new props (prop-aholic)?

Scott Lane Terror Cemetery Haunted House Yard Haunt Scary Trail

Scenes from Halloween at Scott Lane Terror Cemetery less than 24 hours before a Bloody Massacre occured.

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