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What horror character to write about?

I started a vampire story and i think its good but no one will read it because of the craze. I like writing horror. I write about ghosts witches and shapeshifters but need a new character.

So any idea for a new character to write about in tge horror genre?

Who can write a western or horror story using these versatile lines?

Western or horror genre only! Each line should be used once…ready?

1. The reaper is in the fields

2. And the dust blew across Boot Hill

3. The Chaplain approached, and his demeanor was grim

4. A howl in the distance chilled him/her to the marrow

5 “Blasted rats,” he/she mumbled

Bonus: Use the words “iron” and “bone” 3 or more times throughout your stories.
If you wish to answer post your intent so I don’t close on you. Good luck to you all!

Has anyone got any ideas on how I could write a gothic horror opening?

Basically, my task is to write the opening to a gothic horror story. I don’t have any ideas but I think it might be nice to start with a flashback maybe? I don’t mean it has to have a flashback but you know what I mean; just an idea! :D

So please can you help me? :D

Could someone write out the whole plot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I want to get some things straight.
I want to know about the Eddie/Rocky Horror situation and stuff.

How do you write a good love/horror/mystery/betrayal story?

I’m trying to come up with a new story to do while i take a break from my other one. I have an NEW idea of what its going to be about but i need to know how to make it into a good love/horror/mystery/betrayal story. Any help/advice

Is my writing good so far, and what do I write that allows the story to delve deeper into an issue?

My side hobby is writing short stories and it has been for a few years now. Usually it’s horror and irony which my stories have a point of having but lately I’ve been seeing rough life on the streets, the complicated personalities of some really tough teenagers and lots of new perspectives, so I decided to write a short story (my stories are usually around 5 pages). First off let me say what I’m trying to write so you know how to help me with this. I want to write a story that is suspenseful, very subtle, but yet gets down to the point. I want the atmosphere of the story to be tough, don’t carish, with hard to break characters, but I’m trying to write this common situation in a new way. So, what I was thinking is I’d write some situations where the main character, Justin, is being all tough on the streets and being involved with a scary community in his suburb/neighborhood. By the way, I’m basing this on the neighborhood I live in as it’s where I experienced lots of new things, While on the run from some unwanted people, this is late at night, his friends have gone somewhere else, he hides in the neighborhood park woods which has a bad rep. But ironically instead of meeting something bad he meets a girl who is just enjoying a simple life and is the only oen not involved in this community, and some things develop from there. I’ve written a little so far and I’m not really sure how to develop it. I’m stuck. Also I’m bad at describing how characters looks like without making it boring, help. :) It includes a bit of cussing, I apologize.

Street Life

F**k. PICK UP.
Justin picked at a loose thread on his grey sweatpants. Switching to propping his other leg on the dirty brick wall, he switched off his cell and sighed. Nick was taking a lot longer than he expected buying those drinks. It’s only a couple of bottles. Hurry up. Pick up the damn phone.
“Here, sport, catch.”
A glass tequila bottle was tossed towards Justin’s outstretched palms. Grabbing it by the neck, he stuffed it inside the lining of his oversized bomber jacket and glared at his friend, who gave him a cheesy grin.
“Nick. This is a rough neighbourhood. Anyone sees a skinny twig like me standing around like there’s nothing better to do equals trouble,” Justin hesitated. He had been cranky for a while now. Nick had a guess why.
“Sorry, man. You haven’t had a puff yet have you?”
Justin’s head throbbed in response, as if in excitement.

How would you write a short horror story?

I have to write a short horror story for english and I am at loss in what kind of plot should I have and how I should write it. Also it has to be based on pictures and the pictures are of eyeballs, doll parts and a factory surround by snow, I was thinking of doing something like the grudge, but I can’t in less then 1500 words :(

How do you write a horror noel or essay without sliding into ‘ghory’ genre and how do you make it scary?

I always thought pictures were scarier than words. But apparently horror novels are much more scrarier than the movies. but how do you make them so scary without pictures of the scary object and how do you keep away from the ghory genre?

How to write a zombie horror story?

Im wanting to write a zombie story thats kinda a mix of “Zombieland” and “Dawn of the Dead”.
I like horror and i want it to be intense, i just need a plot, title, and characters.
Anything will help. Thanks!

I am looking people who write horror/ erotic horror fanfiction to donate to my new website, anyone?

I am opening a new website devoted to erotic horror, horror and horror romance and presently I am seeking people to donate stories or artwork to my site, for free, but I will use your name and issue credit to you…I won’t steal it, I swear!
I am looking for anything paranormal, serial killers, vampires, werewolves…u tell me what your forte is!

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