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What games would work at a Halloween Party/Dance?

A school of Middle Schoolers (6th,7th, and 8th grade) have a yearly Halloween Dance/Party-like thing. The games and contests have slowly dribbled out until it was either just dancing or eating by the snack bar. Hence, multiple complaints by the students are given to us. And I was wonder, from the general public, any ideas to keep them entertain for two hours.

We have a group of kids that are in a band. They play, probably the first 20 minutes of the party and it’s optional for other kids to watch them.

We also have about a $20 limit to the entire ‘games and contests’.

This is a private school, so about 60-85 kids are expected.

We have board games, such as Killer Bunnies and others that I can’t remember at the moment, but that’s held downstairs in a separate room. It’s usually made up of the extremely dance-a-phobic kids.

And also a movie. But the TV itself is small, so not all of the kids usually watch the movie.

We are also having a Costume Contest.

As much as this sounds, it’s actually not a lot. D8

What would be the appropriate food for a Halloween party?

Lets say in the mere future I wanted to plan a Halloween party,
with entertainment and games.

For the buffet at the table, what food should I layout for the kids and adults at the party?

What would be a fun Halloween party game?

Besides bobbing for apples.

What games and refreshments would be good for a Halloween party?

Something for a teen’s party. Please and thank you! This would be a MAJOR help!

What kind of games would you play at an adult halloween party?

Preferably drinking games.

What would make a good Halloween costume for Obama and McCain?

I need ideas for a 4th grade halloween party. Any games, food, craft or activity ideas would be great!?

what would be the best halloween costume to make?

so i dont have any money to buy a new halloween costume there for i gotta make it myself
anybody got any ideas???????

What could I do that would help animals?

I’ve always loved animals, especially cats and dogs. I loved them so much I wanted a career working with them. I thought of Cryptozoology, but realized me actually being able to do something with that would be slim. I also thought Zoologist, Anthropologist, and Animal Behaviorist (Anthropology more generally being human study and Animal Behaviorism the study of animals behavior and all these factors, etc.). But this doesn’t satisfy my want to actually help. I’ve thought of Veterinarian, but it just doesn’t seem as fullfilling as I’d like it to be. I’m 17 right now and it’s not like I’m looking for my career, although I’m pretty sure it’ll major somewhere within the areas of Animals and/or Psychology. I just want to know if anyone has any ideas of what I could do that might be a bit more rewarding and help me feel that I actually made a difference.
Zoology was the closest thing I figured the question could fit. Also, I’m not expecting something really big, but I’m just wondering what anyone else knows is out there.
And if it helps for any reason, whatever it may be, I’m the type of person who likes animals more than humans. I’m not an activist for animal rights or anything nor am I a vegetarian.

What would make a great halloween costume?

I thinking about going as a girl, again.

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