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Any ideas for a halloween party, fun games, scary music, wicked decorations?

Wicked Lori the Witch GCP10140A

Wicked Lori the Witch animatronic. Full size 12 volt electric prop with audio CD. Call G Custom Props, Inc. at 631.774.8586 for more info or visit us at

Wicked Lovely Dream Cast

Well I heard they were making a movie adaptation so I thought it would be good to get my two cents out into the universe before they cast the movie. I have only done the main/supporting characters in the first book for the sake of time. I think Emily Browning would be a perfect Aislinn she has a young and innocent face, but with a real haunted beauty. She was really good in UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, and has done a few horror flicks so we know she can do the dark acting and such. Alex Pettyfer is some what or a new actor so I haven’t seen much of his work, I just think he is smokin’ hot! ;P Nicholas Hoult is another hottie from the UK. He has been in Skins and was the child with the chili bowl haircut in ABOUT A BOY. I think if we were to slap on some facial jewelry and guyliner he’d make an extremely sexy Seth. Donia is probably my favorite character, she is tortured and I feel for her (this song actually inspired Melissa Marr while writing for Donia). Juno Temple is a really great actress, she has been in Atonement, Wild Child, and Year one. Cate Blanchett as Beira…need I saw more? I put in those two pics of her modeling because I think Beira would totally wear that dress (when she isn’t glamouring herself into June Cleaver) and that headpiece. I know that Leslie is the main character in Ink Exchange so I wanted a strong actress who could carry a movie so I chose Emma Roberts. I think she is really good and she looks like your average everyday teenager. Now here is were it

My Original Music: The Wicked Night

Here’s a song I came up with while playing the piano. On the piano I just came up with the lead piano part. On FL studio, I made a background that would fit. When I played it, it reminded me of a haunted place or a haunted journey so I called it “The Wicked Night.” Rate & comment, & enjoy! tags: ghosts witches witch monsters goblins Frankenstein Dracula werewolfs creatures spiders ghouls bride zombies graveyards corpse hell devil demons gargoyles full moon vampires bats skulls death webs skeletons movies theme songs films trick or treat nightmares blood Transylvania dark grim reaper twilight book eerie happy great good souls Freddy Jason grudge on elm street Kruger


Halloween 2009 – Wicked Witch of the West Makeup Application

Music: Scary Sounds-Horror Sounds-Evil Theme Great Haunted House Music to Mix; Halloween Scary Sounds-Erie Music Sorry that the end of this video got cut off! My camera died close to the end. All that you missed was a little more contouring and blending, the lips, and lashes. I will have a step by step list of instructions posted on my blog at for your convenience! I decided not to talk in this vid since that normally makes them last longer and this one was going …

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