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Weird Cryptids of Australia

This is a video about the strange unknown but reported animals (cryptids) of Australia and the regions around it. Most of these cryptids look similar or jut like animals that we know once existed, which causes these cryptids to possibly to be more likely to be real! Many of these cryptids are also found in Aboriginal Legend! Although some of these cryptids might seem too strange to be true, many strange animals exist in Australia and the regions near it! And with the vastness of the deserts and rainforests of these regions, who knows what is out there!

Bestiary Of The Weird 2 – Official

The true sequel to my most popular Youtube video, Bestiary Of The Weird. Loads more freakish animal photographs – some real, some fake and some unproved. Enjoy!

Im I weird or maybe a witch in a past life or different?

Hi I am different from other people, I don’t tell people but I hear people speaking who rant there and i love myths and folklore, I study cryptozoology and mythology. I study about the spells that witchs have created and I recently tried one which is ment to make a stone fly up into the air and hit things, it did I also hypnotised my friend who as well is supposedly a fairy, I think perhaps she just really wants to be one but recently her grandmother died and I read my friends mind, she was thinking of her grandmothers cottage and then she was speaking to her, but it was like I was the channel they were talking through me.

Am I a witch or a medium or some thing like that?? I need to know.

Thanks in advance

Is it weird for a young teen to be interested in the great mysteries and questions of the universe? ?

Im into cryptozoology, history, space science, government conspiracy and even some of my teachers look at me funny……

Cryptozoology – Weird animals of the World A bunch of weird animal pictures that i decided to share. I don’t know where all of these animals come from, but i think these pictures are very interesting. Check it out for yourself

weird creaturesand pictures

the best god damn video on youtube!!lol enjoy

Cryptozoology,Paranormal and Weird creatures

Slideshow done by me.

Weird Girl with Wild Eyes

Weird Girl with Wild Eyes

Weird Land

Forget the vacation to the tropical islands. Wierd Land is located just north of Buntinville and features some of natures wildest, wackiest, noisiest, and strangest creatures to wet your appetite for bizarre creatures…if that’s your thing…Oh Yea, Welcome to Weird Land…you’ve been warned.

Have you ever had a spooky or weird experience during a Hospital stay?

well having just have been in the hospital for over a week long.. first off i hated the hospital bed was creepy it felt like bed bugs crawling on my toes and feet.. then at night it felt like some sole was straightening up my gown with me in it..and no one was in the room…another time it felt like someone kissed me on my cheek..

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