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What kind of Halloween costume can you make at home and wear to work in a bar?

Im on a budget.

Can I wear my Sarah Palin Halloween costume to the Rocky Horror Picture show?

Can I wear my Sarah Palin Halloween costume to the Rocky Horror Picture show or will people make fun of me? I’ve never been to a show before and I don’t want to be singled out as a “virgin,” but the show is on Halloween and I’m Sarah Palin for an office party that day.

What costume should I wear for this Rocky Horror thing we’re doing?

My marching band is playing some stuff from Rocky Horror and we have to dress up as characters from Rocky Horror. All the main characters are taken so I have to be a background character. I have no clue what to wear, please help!!!

What should i wear to a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?!?

they’re having a showing of the movie on my college campus this friday night, complete with a threatre troupe to act out parts during the movie and hand aout prop bags for a complete interactive feel. I’m so excited, i feel the need to dress up rather than just wear normal clothes as i would to any other movie. so for those of you who have seen the movie what do you think would be appropriate for such an event? (and no i cant go half naked which means the corset, and garterbelt w/ stockings is a no go lol)

What do I wear to a Rocky Horror themed party?

My friend is having a party themed Rocky Horror and I know I am suppose to wear something risque, but does anyone have any good suggestion on what exactly that is?

What should I wear to the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I’m going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions for who I should dress as and what my costume should be?
I’m a fifteen-year-old girl who has never seen it before.

What should I wear to make my Halloween costume funny/interesting?

I want to be a gothic/emo old lady. I have some ideas, but I need ones that won’t require any money that will make it interesting and funny.

Also, how would it make it look like I have wrinkles on my face?

What would be an easy, not-too-inappropriate costume to wear to a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I’m planning on going to go see a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show with my friends, and they’re giving out a free gift-bag type thing if you show up in costume.
So, I was wondering if you guys could think of any easy to make/wear, yet still not too inappropriate costume I could wear.

How To Make A Cute Transformers Halloween Costume, And Not Have To Wear Boxes?

My friends and i are planning on being transformers for halloween. We don’t know how to make a cute costume!? We need help, were thinking about leggings, and a shirt, then adding one color, but were not sure! HELP!

What should I wear to a job interview at a haunted house?

I have a job interview at the headless horseman in NY. It’s famous kind of, so I’m figuring you guys know what I’m talking about. If not, what should I wear to a job interview at a big haunted house.

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