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I’m having a Halloween party and my friends said they wanted little activities and games?

So like I’m definitely going to have a hide and seek or a tag game something like sardines (if you know what that game is…) but I don’t know what else? There’s probably going to be about 15 people there so…? any ideas?
10 points goes to whoever can give me (a) good idea(s) and how to play it to just something to do with these people that’s really fun and maybe possibly Halloween related

oh and we r probably going to already tell ghost stories :)

for my 14th birthday i wanted to take a tour of somewhere haunted in indiana, does anyone have any ideas?

My birthday is on august 1st, and we were going to take a tour of central state mental hospital, it is supposedly haunted by the people who were killed there. it sounded very interesting to me but my mom added that is might just be a tour or the facility and the tools used back then. i want to go somewhere where my friends and i will be scared to enter i want a birthday i will never forget.

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