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What video camera was used to actually shoot Paranormal Activity?

Someone else asked a similar question, but my question is about the actual “Video Camera” or “Movie Camera” that was used in the filming of the movie itself. (Not the one the guy in the movie brought home…unless that WAS the actual camera, which I doubt). Thanks.

What types of special effects were used in Paranormal Activity?

i wonder what special effects were used in the movie like the body being thrown, or the blanket moving, the oujie board, doors slamming and other stuff on just a budget of 15k and half of that being camera stuff.
also were they actually filmed sleeping or what? was it shot during the day and just edited to look like night?

What is a list of the tools and instruments used in paranormal investigation and research?

I know camera’s, recorders, cam corders, EMF meters thermometers are a few but what are some others? I hear some use gieger counters, why?

What computer software can i used to review my paranormal ghost footage?

I recently started recording video at a building where i work at because there have been stories about ghost sightings and sounds. But now i would like a computer program that can help me look and hear the video more in depht. Where the audio can be seen as soundwaves, i think thats what its called. a free software would be best. . thanxs people.

How has comedy been used throughout the history of the horror film?

How has comedy been used throughout the
history of the horror film?

What camera was used to actually shoot Paranormal Activity?

I am interested in film making and would like to know the actual one used for this.

What is the ambient sound used in paranormal activity?

I am making a spoof for a school project, and need this for bedroom scenes.

Who were some horror film villians that used baseball bats as their weapon?

Looking to use the bat as a prop for halloween, so it would be cool if I had a charachter/villian to go with it!
I really feel like there was some movie, but I cant think of it right now..

Do you think the new 5th generation iPod’s thermal setting can be used to hunt ghosts?

Hi. Seeing that Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters use a thermal camera to detect ghosts, do you think that the new iPod’s thermal video setting can do the same thing?

What is that creepy sound effect used in horror movies?

It is echoey and may be done on a violin, and it seems to crescendo. It’s been used in multilple horror films, but i can’t think of any specifically. Perhaps The Shining?

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