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Help?! Looking For College or University????

I’m doing a project for language arts, we have to send a business letter to a college we like, since we’re learning how to write business letters. I’m in 8th grade. I need a college or preferably a university that has all of these subjects there:
Criminal Investigation
European History
Ancient History(ancient civilizations)

Can you at least name three colleges or universities that have all of these or most of them.

I really can’t choose which one i like the most!
Study of dreams

is there any college or university, that offers a course on parapsychology?

a course on parapsychology or stuff related to the paranormal phenomena like ghostly encounters, UFOs, cryptozoology, and stuff like that… is there any course on it…?

Is there a university anywhere in Europe or North America that specializes in the study of the paranormal?

I googled it beforehand. I’m interested in angelology and demonology, but anything related to the study of the paranormal will do. Thanks in advance for all answers :)

Ghost Hunters Nicholls State University

Ghost Hunters come to Nicholls! Created for Maco 401 2008

UMass Amherst University Club featured on NECN

A segment on New England Cable News features the UMass University Club and its haunted history. November 6, 2008.

How can I get a Paranormal Career in the Sims 2 University?

I’m trying to make a zombie and the Paranormal career reward is the one that does that. I’ve heard that your sim has to have graduated from college (the sim i have has graduated from college) but i always look for jobs in the newspaper and the computer but i don’t see a paranormal career she can choose.

Are there any cheat codes to get this thing that makes zombies? Or can someone tell me where to get a paranormal career (and when i do, do i have to reach a certain level to get the zombie making thing?)?

Scary Ghost at S. Utah University Old Main Scary Ghost Story and Pictures from Southern Utah University Old Main

Anthropology and the Paranormal Degree at a University?

At my local Community College they offer an anthropology class that has to due with ESP, psychokinesis, disembodied
spirits, astrology, UFO’s and cryptozoology. It is an extremely fun and interesting class, but that is all they offer. Does anyone know of a University that offerer’s a degree in Paranormal Anthropology or something similar to those topics I have listed?

Girl On Fire – True Story of The Ghost in Montevallo University – Condie Cunningham True Story. Scary Ghost Story. Girl On Fire. Condie Cunningham. Montevallo University. Condie Cunningham died in a dormitory fire, giving rise to one of Montevallos most famous ghosts. Her burning ghost has been haunting the halls of the university for years. Montevallo is haunted by the ghost of Condi Cunningham.

What is the best university to attend to study cryptozoology?

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