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How many different types of hauntings have been documented to exist in the paranormal research field?

What types of special effects were used in Paranormal Activity?

i wonder what special effects were used in the movie like the body being thrown, or the blanket moving, the oujie board, doors slamming and other stuff on just a budget of 15k and half of that being camera stuff.
also were they actually filmed sleeping or what? was it shot during the day and just edited to look like night?

What types of questions do paranormal investigators ask when first meeting a client?

I am writing a book in which the main character schedules a meeting with a paranormal investigator. I want to make the interaction as real as possible. Any advice would be appreciated.

Types of Ghost: Dead Returning

Leading ghost expert Richard Felix tells you everything you need to know about how to become a successful ghost hunter. Here Richard talks to CJ, a para psychologist, about classic ghosts – the dead returning.

What are the different types of demons and ghosts?

I’m writing a novel about a girl who is a ghost. A demon is controlling her and she’s suffering. She’s trying to communicate with people, but she can only communicate with this one guy (she falls in love with him later). So I have been doing research on my readings. Of course I’m going to make it different, but I want to make it seem real (even though it’s not). So, are the different types of demons and ghosts? and can you please explain them?

Thanks very much for answering.

Types of Hauntings

This may bore you if your looking for comedy lol This is a quick summary of the different types of hauntings. There are a lot more details that I didnt have time to touch on but here it is lol Had to edit this for time (sadly) so here is the edited version sorry for the cuts lol

Darkness Falls Paranormal Society: Different Types Of Haunts

Learn the Different types of Haunts!!!!

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