The Haunted Twin City Opera House Welcomes you

Come and investigate Ohio’s most haunted location The Twin City Opera House in McConnellsvile. We the Central Ohio Ghost Squad are hosting these investigations. So check it out at trust me one night here and you will not be dissapointed.

The author who wrote a paranormal series with 4 sets of twin brothers banished 2 an island because of a curse?

The curse is a poem with eight verses, once for each brother and tells the prophesy that once the first brother finds love each brother after will find love according to age. They were banished to this island where no women are

Twin Cities Paranormal: Palmer House Hotel Halloween

As part of Darkness Radio’s big Halloween event at the haunted Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, members of the Twin Cities Paranormal Society investigated the active basement of the hotel. Some downright terrifying sounds are heard via EVP, electronic voice phenomenon.

What is the scariest halloween event or haunted house in Minnesota (twin cities area) for adults?

I’m looking for a good thrill for halloween and these regular haunted houses aren’t cutting it. Most of my friends and I are about 21-28 years old so we’re not looking for kiddy stuff.