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What are some tried and true fun halloween games for a teenage party?

something more along the lines of creepy than fun

What horror movie has the little girls singing ring around the rosie in true horror fashion?

Thought it was Freddie Kruegar, but not in the original–help please–thanks.

Is it true that marilyn manson is paying people to spend the night in the amityville horror house or has?

I heard that he paid people 1 million dollars to people who spent the night at the amityville horror house in the basement. Did he ever pay people or does he still do it?

is paranormal research based on true scientific methods and theories?

Just wondering I have friends who say it is not and those who say it is.
I don’t know and that is why I am asking here.

Are there any Chinease paranormal myths and legends about true love?

Just curious about some of the Chinease myths and legends. Would like some info. Thanks and appriciated.

Why does the movie Paranormal Activity make it seem like its based on a true story?

Such as at the end when it says Micah died on October 11, 2006 and Katie’s where abouts are unkown.

REAL Entity Attacking Camera TRUE Ghost Caught On Tape (Lizzie Borden House 8)

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Are the 2 paranormal activity movies based on a true story?

Ive been searching on the net but alot says it is, and alot says it really is it or isnt it?

is the movie Paranormal Activity really based on a true story?

i can never get a straight answer. im hearing no its totally fake, and then im hearing yes it is based on a true story. does anyone actually know the truth?

is Tek Tek Urban Legend true?

There is a story about a young boy who was leaving his school one evening when he heard a noise behind him. Looking back, he saw a beautiful girl sitting at a window. The girl had her arms propped up on the window sill and was just staring out at him. He wondered why she was there, because it was an all-boys school.

When she saw him looking back at her, the girl smiled and hugged herself so that she was holding her elbows. Then suddenly, she leaped out of the window and landed on the ground outside. The boy realized with horror, that she was missing the lower half of her body.

She made her way towards him, clawing along the ground and running on her elbows making a tek-tek-tek-tek-tek sound. The boy was filled with terror and revulsion. He tried to run, but he was frozen to the spot. Within seconds, she was upon him and she took out a scythe and cut him in half, making him into one of her own.

When kids tell this story, they warn each other about Tek-Tek. They say she carries a sharp saw or a scythe, and if she catches you, she’ll cut you in half and you’ll become just like her. She is said to chase children who play at dusk. She is also known as “bata-bata” (again, the sound of it running on its elbows) or “The Girl That Runs On Her Elbows.”

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