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PLEASE Help me find an interesting, unique speech topic?!?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me! I’m in grade 8 and we are starting speeches in my school. I need a very interesting topic that will interest the audience(grade 8 class) from 3-5 minutes. Some idea’s that I have are:
-The History of Halloween (a bit wierd, but will it interest my audience)
-Walt Disney or Mickey Mouse or Disney Characters (is it to baby-ish for my audience and will it take too long for me to explain in 3-5 minutes?)
-The Bermuda Triangle (there is so much information on it I’m scared the speech will be about 20 minutes long)
-Animal Rights/Cruelty (Is it too COMMON?)

P.S. I do not want things like Global Warming or very WIERD topics like ‘The History of Pens’.

I REALLY don’t know what to do, PLEACE PLEASE help?
Your answers are all greatly appreciated, thank you.

I was also thinking of Cryptozoology, but, I think it’s a bit too… wierd…?

i need a topic for my science project.?

my teacher needs me to do a current science event article. anyone have anything interesting? it has to be on earth. it cant be like outer space news. stuff like cryptozoology. it has to be CURRENT, like from the past 3 months. thanx!

What would be a good topic for a paranormal series?

I have major writers block and I need something to keep me occupied. For the story idea, please, NOTHING to do with vampires, or werewolves. Thanks!

suggestions for zoology research topic?

I have to write a ten page paper for zoology this semester, so I’d appreciate it if someone could throw out some suggestions for a topic. What are the biggest issues in the world of zoology?

The only two thoughts I’ve had are the decrease in the amphibian population, and it seems like I read a while back that the numbers of seafood animals are dwindling as well. Cryptozoology also crossed my mind, but due to its nature I’m guessing I would have a hard time finding scientific sources. So once again, any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Which Paranormal Topic intrigues you the most?

What aspect of the Paranormal interests you the most? Hauntings/Ghosts, UFOs/ Aliens, Psychic Abilities. Cryptozoology, Alternate Dimensions, etc?
I am curious to see which is the most popular answer. I would think it would be Hauntings/Ghosts, but I could be wrong. We shall see!

Night Raven

I would like to do a research paper on the paranormal. Any topic ideas?

I am doing a research paper for class and I want to get away from the usual over used topics, and at the same time do something that interests me. I had a paranormal experience involving a ghost when I was younger and would like to incorporate it into my paper.

So far my possible topic ideas are:
Recent paranormal obsession in pop culture
or something along the lines of
People who believe in God will show higher rates of believing in supernatural items.

Any ideas or insights on this topic would help a lot.

what could be a broader topic for paranormal activities?

i’m working on my thesis, it’s about paranormal activities(ghosts, devils, etc.) what could be a broader topic for this?

What is a funny/cool topic for my short report?

Hey, I have to do a short report and I can do it on ANYTHING so I want some really cool topics. My teacher said that last semester someone did his report on Cryptozoology (study of mythical creatures like bigfoot, yeti etc.) I dare you to give me a good topic.

What do you think about the Cryptozoology, have you read anything on this? Do you like this topic?

i need ideas! I need a topic to write about for an english research paper about ghosts?

it can be about anything as long as it has to do with paranormal/ghost stuff. an example would be how ghosts are portrayed in the media, but I need something else. thanks!

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