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Anyone Have Any Idea What The Title Of This Book Is?

When I was in Junior High I read a book which would basically into into the category of cryptozoology. I remember that I found it extremely fascinating but I cannot remember the title of it for the life of me. I remember the particular copy I read had a hand drawn photo of the Jersey Devil on the cover, the contents covered an extensive list of accounts with supposedly unexplainable creatures. The Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, Spring Heeled Jack, and even an account of an encounter with a Mastodon or Woolly Mammoth were recorded in the book. I would be grateful if anyone had any idea what I am referring to and could tell me what the book was.

What would be a good title for a horror story?

I’m writing a horror novel, and I can’t think about what to call it! Here’s a general synopsis on it-

Ever since the accident, Erin Powell has been witnessing strange events of the paranormal type- and not just ghosts. With only her best friend, Will, on her side, can she figure out what is happening to her before things get dangerous?

And, just incase it may help, the main characters-

Erin Powell
Will Masters
Mr. Powell
Sami Martinez
Lizzie ???

What is a good horror movie title?

I am thinking of writing a horror movie but i have know idea for a good title, help me out?

What Title would you use if you were shooting a horror movie?

If you had to make a film about, I don’t know, Zombies, Demons, like a horror movie, what title would you choose?

**Please avoid names like “Resident Evil, Silent Hill, SAW, 28 Days/Weeks Later, REC, and movies titles like that**

What should my movie title be?

Hi! My friends and I are participating in a 64 hour film festival. On friday we received a movie genre, character, line of dialog, and a prop. Our items were as follows

Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Character: Witty Ticky Ray
Prop: Toy Firetruck
Line: “I’ll give you 5 for this, if you give me 20 for that.”

So here is what we wrote and filmed last night:

Our movie is about this guy, Jim. He goes back to his childhood home, long after his parents have past, to find his favorite childhood toy, a toy fire truck, to give to his yet-to-be-born son. When he gets there, he finds an odd character lurking about his backyard. He goes to ask him what he’s doing and he finds out his name is Witty Ticky Ray. Witty is a nymph from another world who has come to this world to collect items to sell at the great market. It turns out Jim’s old childhood toys are worth a fortune in this other world, and every equinox, characters like Witty come to his house to collect items to sell at this market. Jim enters the market and sees a bunch of his old stuff, soon he realizes that his fire truck might be here. He starts asking people about it, but no one seems to be answering him, rather, they are scared to. Finally, the merchant king steps forward and tells Jim that he sold his fire truck to the Dark Lord. Jim and Witty set out to get his Fire truck. They finally reach the Dark Lord’s lair, where the Dark Lords bodygaurd challenges Jim to a fight. Jim wins miraculously, only to be challenged by the Dark Lord himself. Through some trickery and cunning, Jim convinces the Dark Lord that his iPhone Camera is able to steal people’s souls. The Dark Lord gives in, afraid of losing his soul, and gives Jim the Fire Truck. Jim claims his prize and goes home.

Right now we are looking for a Title. We’ve already filmed like half the movie so we aren’t looking for critique on the story. So, do any of you creative Yahoo goers have any good titles in mind?

(Ps. We did ask this question last year. Thanks to the guy who suggested our Horror Movie be called It’s All in Your Head. We used the title, and if your around…got any more ideas?)

I’m currently writing an article and I really don’t know what could be the best title for it. Help!?

I’m currently writing an article about cryptozoology (the study and search for the mythical animals.) and I really don’t know what could be the best title for it. Help!?

Cryptozoology the study and search for these mythical animals.
example: the bigfoot, abominable snowman the loch ness monster.

What is the movie title of a horror movie of an alien possess humans.?

What is the movie title of a horror movie of an alien possess humans. when the place goes dark the alien eyes turns red and the human seems to lose his soul or something then the human eyes turns white.

What is the title of this 1980’s Horror Film?

I saw a movie when on video in 1987, so I would assume that the official release date was a year or two prior.

Plot centered around a woman who lived in a small house with a garden in the back, being terrorized by an escaped convict or the like. I remember she scalded him in the kitchen with a frying pan filled with hot water or hot oil, and tried to bury the guy in the backyard garden.

Anyway, can’t for the life of me remember the name of this film. I always thought it was called “Extragies”, but I can’t find anything matching that title or similar.

Thanks in advance. Props given to proper grammar.

Can anyone tell me the title of this 80s horror film?

It’s about an old horror actor who dies, & a bunch of teenage fans steal his body from his mosoleum. Then, they take his body to an old house & prop him up at the head of a table because he’s the guest of honor for their party. Then there’s the usual 80s-horror-teen-booze-&-sex, as his body comes to life and starts killing all of them. As far as killings went, the only ones I can particularly remember are:
*When a guy (I think wearing a yellow bowling shirt) is killed with a sword.
*When another guy & his girlfriend are stuffed into a casket & pushed into a crematorium.
*And when some lady chokes to death from a wad of cash stuffed in her mouth (I think the last death in the movie).

I’d appreciate if anyone can tell me what the title of the movie is. I think it has the word “Night” in it.

I can’t find the title of an old horror move, please help!?

I am looking for the title to a movie, say late 70’s early 80’s (horror) about a film director who rents an old house as a prop/location for his film. Much to his family’s surprise he reveals they will be living in the house while filming. Some of the key points: There is a girl, say 9-10 and her brother 5-6, while exploring the estate they happen upon a cannery where they hear a baby crying, when they open a cabinet door they find a jar of whirling, sparkling stuff (this is where the baby sounds are coming from)…and at one point when the father is filming the outside, a breeze blows seemingly from the inside out of a window on the porch, while editing the film-he sees a pair of red eyes cross in front of the window he had been filming…This is all that I can remember…if anyone knows what the title of this old film is…Please let me know…it has been driving me crazy for years…I never got to finish it.

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