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Who is This?! A Facelessman!?!

I wasn’t sure what I saw until I rewatched my video. I am travelling through America, was in New York City a few weeks ago and had taken out my camera because the city was absolutely alive with police and fire truck sirens just around the corner from where I was staying. A whole fleet of emergency response vehicles had flown down the street, I just missed them, but kept my camera out hoping there would be more — that’s when it happened. Someone… walked by my camera.

i am having a halloween party what games can i play and what stuff can we do (this is for 12 year olds)?

What… is this thing?!?

OK, so I was taking a hike at Blue Hills, and I heard some noise, like scrabbling, near the edge of a cliff. I started to walk closer… and saw this:
I started backing away, took a picture w/ my cell phone, and bolted away.
So, what is it? Zoology, cryptozoology experts, please help!
I later did some research and it is supposedly a creature known in cryptozoology as “The Triqua”. Anyone know anything about this?

Can anyone interpret this dream?

Last night after looking up cryptozoology “study of weird animals” i went to bed. I had a dream where i was driving my moms car even though im 15 and everything was abandoned with flyers on walls saying “head to the safe zone” so i drive 20 miles to my friends house after a conversation about whats going on i hear moaning….so my friends mom even though they live in a trailer took me into a shelter.They had three handguns,10 big boxes of ammo, a few cots,food,and somehow a water fountain (the ones you drink out of). There was pounding on the celler door and my friend answered it and a zombie came at her and bit her my friends mom took a sawed off shotgun she had and shot its head off she then shockingly enough says “Sorry” and blows her head off no remorse at all.So then after staring at the body she says we have to go and we travel into the Adirondacks which we go to every year with them and some other friends. We go into my camp and wait upstairs,then all of a sudden a Zombie Like Black Bear jumps through the window and I fall 1 story onto the ground on my head.I wake up and my friends mom is dead with the bear next to her.I run into the woods with the shotgun and 3 zombies chase after me,I trip on a log and shoot which attracts more zombies and finally before i die i wake up.Whats this all about?

What halloween costume can I make with this?

I have a cpl extra dresses.

1. A yellow spaghetti strap floral print dress

2. A purple halter dress

3. A gold fully sequined dress

Can anyone give me some ideas for costumes with any of these three items?

Anyone Have Any Idea What The Title Of This Book Is?

When I was in Junior High I read a book which would basically into into the category of cryptozoology. I remember that I found it extremely fascinating but I cannot remember the title of it for the life of me. I remember the particular copy I read had a hand drawn photo of the Jersey Devil on the cover, the contents covered an extensive list of accounts with supposedly unexplainable creatures. The Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, Spring Heeled Jack, and even an account of an encounter with a Mastodon or Woolly Mammoth were recorded in the book. I would be grateful if anyone had any idea what I am referring to and could tell me what the book was.

How can I make Halloween costumes for my kids this year?

I’m too poor to spend $20-30 a piece on costumes this year. What are some EASY and CHEAP costume ideas for a boy – 6, and a girl – 4?

How do I make a halloween costume out of this:?

Idc what kind of halloween costume, any suggestion is good!!
(and i know i posted this somewhere else, but I think it was in the wrong catagory so I’m posting it here)
Btw, I’m thirteen, if it helps

Any games for Halloween adult party?Does anybody know this game?

I was in one party and we had a great time playing this game: there were two hats in one was written questions and in another written answers. We had to go around and one person pulled questions the other an answer to that question. And it was very funny because answers didn’t match with a question. But i don’t remember how to make that game. I tried to think about any questions and to put answers but it wouldn’t make any sense. DOES ANYBODY KNOW THIS GAME? Please help, i would like to entertain guests with this one at halloween party… I appreciate..

How to make this work for Halloween costume?

Sooo my friends and I are going to be “Miss America” contestants for Halloween, but instead of dressed in the gown, we’re going to be dressed like the typical stereotype of that state. With a tiara and sash, of course.
Anyway, I’m going to be Miss Nevada, and I was trying to think of a way to incorporate plastic poker chips into my outfit. Any ideas?

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