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I’m thinking about having a kid’s Halloween party. Any suggestions for food, games and decorations.?

Thanks in advance :-)

Are you thinking about living in a big, spooky house if it’s for sale?

If it’s a big, old spooky house for sale, would you live in that house by yourself? I’m wondering because old, spooky homes are much cheaper than newer homes. I never lived in it, but would be nice if everything is going to be okay.

IF you were thinking about joining a Paranormal group what topics whould you be intrested in studing?

Paranormal would have a large range of topic like, Ghost, spirit communication, physics, UFO, etc. Please no biblical reference. Scientific thoughts only.
The reason why I asked for no bibical reference is because some people on YA goes nuts with bible quotes. HOWEVER if you have a bible quote that goes with this question I’ll accept it.
i just don’t to here that spirit communication is a sin.

Can thinking and reading about paranormal activities cause sumthng bad for me?

Now a days iam intrested in reading about paranormal experiences of people on internet and ouija boards,spirit possession etc etc. Can it cause anything bad for me? Or any demons possessing me?

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